Tropical Green Smoothies

How to meal prep a week of breakfasts in 30 minutes

As much as I love to experiment, the pillars of my eating life are smoothies, salads, and soups.

When you’re feeling out of sorts or just not in the mood to think much about food, these go-to meals will keep you well-fed with a minimum of effort.

So far I've shared with you my favorite chopped salad and a slow cooker soup that I love.

Now I want to introduce my favorite smoothie (the one I’m drinking as I write this) which I hope will become part of your regular repertoire, too!

One reason I love to start the day with a smoothie is that I can later focus on a more cooking-intensive brunch—my favorite WFH meal.

Whether it's avocado toast, shakshuka, or breakfast tacos, you may have more time to cook and enjoy a full meal during your lunch break than you do before work begins.

One weird thing to remember about smoothies is that your stomach still relies on digestive enzymes that come from your mouth to process your food. So chew your smoothies, people!

Since the base of this smoothie is just 1-2 cups of water, this drinkable breakfast gets your hydration levels off to a good start before you start riding the coffee train.

The best thing about this and most smoothies is that you can prep a bunch of them at once to last you through the week, and this is a tactic I highly recommend.

You don't even have to drink them back to back. They can just patiently wait in your freezer until a not-too-distant morning when you have time for nothing but dump a Ziploc bag in the blender, add water, and go.

On days when I want to work out of the house, I like to take my smoothie to go and usually drink it in the car on my way to the coffee shop or workspace.

I have become something of a Stasher bag connoisseur, but you can just as easily use (and reuse) regular sandwich bags for this smoothie meal prep. I don’t recommend glass containers because the frozen fruit can get stuck in weird ways and you want to be able to squeeze things out with your hands.



Serves six

This refreshing smoothie features chia and flax seeds for fiber and healthy fats, banana and mango for fruit, baby spinach for color and vitamins, and a squeeze of lemon and pinch of salt for flavor. Whether you decide to prep these all at once or just make them one at a time, this recipe will make six smoothies with no cooking involved at all.


  • 6 bananas

  • 5 oz box of baby spinach

  • 6 cup of frozen mango

  • 6 tbsp chia seeds

  • 6 tbsp flaxseeds

  • 3 lemons

  • Pinch of salt

  • Protein powder (optional)


  1. To meal prep, take six plastic or silicon sandwich bags and set them out on the counter. Into each bag, place one peeled banana, broken in half, 1 cup of frozen fruit, and 1 tablespoon each of chia seeds and ground flax. Also add protein powder, if desired.

  2. To prepare the drink, put 1 cup of water in the blender and then dump the contents of the smoothie pack in and blend on high until the texture is silky. Season with lemon juice and salt to taste.